Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

Miniature holder, 2G

Hello creative friends

The new holders will be available in the shop below. 

Sale starts on monday. 

The second version of my miniature holder is available in the next days... monday, I think.

With this holder it is possible to minimize the tremor while painting or sculpting. At first glance, the holder looks a bit strange 

and you don`t know how and if the thing might help. But the enlightenment comes when you have worked with it.

In the second version I changed the base a bit:

-The cork is now removable
- You don`t need to stick the pins of your workpiece into the cork any more. Pins will clamped between two    cork halves, because the hole in the base and the cork is conical.

-Comfortable handling
-Precise painting and sculpting without to tremble, by resting your brush holding fingers on the wire bar.
-The wire bar is rotatable around the workpiece (360 degrees)
-Without contact: The workpiece must never be touched with the fingers

-Suitable for painting and sculpting miniatures
-Suitable for single miniatures 28-54mm, small busts, etc.
-Suitable for right-and left-hander
-miniatures on custom bases can also be fixed on the ceramic base   with bluetac or Patafix
-Every single miniatures-holder was made by me by hand and checked for function.
-Wire bar can be disassembled for priming your miniature and to remove the finished work

-For baking sculpts in the oven, remove the small skull
-Available in two versions, small for 28-32mm mini's and large for 54mm miniatures

Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

Pinselwut, miniature painting by Solmar: Ask the Pros: Derwish

Nice content here ;)
Absolutely worth to join!

Pinselwut, miniature painting by Solmar: Ask the Pros: Derwish: Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters! Today we listen to the words of Stephan Rath known as Derwish in our interview series. Let´...

Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2013

Miniature holder update

The sale of the new miniature holder  

2 Generation, 

will begin in late January. 

In the new version, the cork will be renewable, the cork is also conical, so pined miniatures or sculpting wires must not be plugged in anymore, but are wedged between the two cork halves.

The holders will be available exclusively in the following hobby shop of a friend ...

Hobbyshop : pk-pro