Montag, 20. August 2012

review - "derwish academy 2012"


Last weekend I held my first intensive workshop, the "derwish academy". For me it was a very enriching experience to work with 6 interested participants to dine and swim (we had about 36 degrees the whole weekend)

After a brief introduction, we started on Friday evening with the preparation of our miniatures. Saturday morning was priming time after a breakfast and we finally started to paint. Because of the high temperatures of over 30 degrees, I led the participants in a very special place that is close to my heart. It is a well hidden, little lake, which was washed out by the river. Deep in the heart of the Black Forest. After this cooling, we had enough power to work on with our paintjobs. In summary, it was a whole new experience to impart my knowledge and skills. The atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly.

I thank the participants for a memorable weekend and am looking forward to see their finished works.

Special thanks to my wife, who has provided us with culinary delights.

If I have sparked your interest now ... This was certainly not the last "Derwish academy"

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