Samstag, 1. September 2012

Initial trials at home with sculpey - 4

Hiho dear followers,

Today I practiced again to sculpt. This time, the human head, which for me is always the most difficult part. I think the results of today are not sooo bad ... another two or three heads and it looks really human ;)
The head is designed for a 54mm miniature and about 8mm high.
In the third picture you can see how my first and second attempt looked like, from March this year.
I am very grateful for your comments and always open for criticism.
...and sorry for the bad "smartphone macro pictures"

Regards, Your Stephan


  1. Wow... That third head looks terrific! My third head actually looked like a misshaped ball of putty. ;)

    I am very impressed!

  2. this is really great! You made me wanna try sculpting again! thanks Stephan!

  3. Very good job on this.. your second attempt is better than my 5th through 12th.. and your third is really on track now.. congrats!