Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

Reviev workshop Aachen

Dear painterfamily,

a further workshop is over. This time I passed on my knowledge and skills in Eschweiler (Aachen).
Already on Friday, as I was on my way to Aachen, I received positive signs for the upcoming weekend workshop because I was very punctual with the train on the way and could reach any connecting train well. And that's rather the rarity with "Deutsche Bahn" (german rail) ;)

The workshop itself, I can only say ... During the teaching, speaking and demonstrating, I felt very well what I have to thank the lovely and patient participants. I hope you enjoyed the weekend as well as I do, and could understand my ways of painting and discover them for yourselves.

I want to thank again all the participants, and would like to highlight some of you. 
First of all I thank the organizers, Roman and Uli, who have supported me over the weekend and also long in advance. The process was smoothly and it lacked nothing.

Special thanks to Uwe (De), who celebrated his birthday on Friday, and invited all of us to a pizza.
And last but not least, Maartje (MaGie - miniature painting) and Kyle (Mr. Lee's Painting Emporium)
, who had traveled from abroad and had some hurdles during their trip to Aachen. Also thanks for your detailed reports.

And now I wish you happy painting and end this review with some visual impressions...

In Eschweiler the air is not too clean...

...but on the other hand, the painting lamps shine much brighter :))

Bye, bye in Aachen... have a nice Halloween... your Stephan `derwish` Rath.

5 Kommentare:

  1. Awesome! :) Maybe one day workshop in Poland? :D

  2. Nice collection of photos.. Was a lot of fun, and let's see how much I can show them off in the coming weeks/months! Thanks again!

  3. Dear Stephan,

    thank you very much for the patience, inspiration and fun!

    Great workshop, great minis and a great teacher!

    Greetings, Taggi