Dienstag, 19. März 2013

I`m still alive, but...

I´m burying myself in commission works at the moment.
So, don`t think I`m inactive ;)
First, a picture of my workbench with two very different miniatures, I`m working on, at the moment. Both in early stages...
and some impressions of my latest work, called "Candyshop" or "Lasagne^^"


  1. Ah the Zombie girl is yours. The paintjob is great, but imo it is just a bit to much blood and gore. I have seen it in the russian alternative. Wish you luck!

  2. Good to see something from you. Love the Lasagne Story ;) Freehands on Knight ace as always!

  3. Hola
    La escena del la chica zombie,muy fuerte me gusta el realismo que le as dado
    tienes un blog muy bueno,con un monton de cosas interesantes.
    un saludo

  4. To quote "Empire Strikes Back": "And I thought they smelled bad... on the inside..."

  5. "...on the OUTside...". Sheesh, I can't even quote Star Wars properly tonight... gotta get more sleep.