Freitag, 21. Juni 2013

Spring Angel 2013 in Moscow

Hey everyone
Last weekend, the russian alternative hosted the Spring Angel again in Moscow. This was a veeery nice meeting of the mainly russian miniature painting comunity, but also some foreign visitors found the way to Moscow.

I never had an bad image of the people in russia, but this trip changed my meaning still once more.
I rarely experienced such a hospitality. In every minute of the trip I felt best provided.
Forget all, what you know about painting competitions and miniature events, like GD's. No entrance fee, free workshops, cash prizes for the winning entries, free breakfast, free lunch...
So you can see, this is the first event, where you only can win!
I heard,, that the next big event of the russian alternative should be held next year, somewhere in the middle of Europe, so all you painterfriends out there, please start the engine of your brushes, create some awesome works and meet all the nice people there.
Thanks to Kati, Sergey, the russian alternative and all the great people I met in Moscow, thank you sooo much for this unforgetable trip.

The trip in pictures...


  1. Nice report mate! Looks like you had fun, and it was a great experience!

  2. Great report, Stephan....:)... It is always a pleasure traveling with you...:)...